2018's Beers and Ciders

2019's ales and ciders will be announced as soon as they are known.

Ale Storm

A blonde beer using the highly robust Maris Otter Barley as a base. Hopped to produce a good earth platform which has a subtly sweeter honey taste than a bitter with a hint of pepper and spice. Coupled with a slight pine/floral aroma to create a perfect Ale Storm.

4.2% ABV
Pennine Brewing Company


Darker in colour, darker and complex in flavour. Full on sweet and spicy aroma, complementing the tangy, nutty malt flavours. Toffee and chocolate dominate the end, whilst the peppery, floral signature of Goldings leave their stamp throughout.

4.3% ABV
Nethergate Brewery


Brewed with Belgium Yeast, Saaz and Hersbrucker Hops The Belgians love their beer even more than their bureaucracy, and as a salute to these brewing champs we have created this beautiful, bounteous Belgian Blonde. Beginning the brewing with the fruity Abbey yeast, used in many classic Belgian beers, we then added the aromatic Saaz and Hersbrucker hops for a delicate, citrusy hue. You should even be able to detect a hint of banana in there.

5.0% ABV
Navagation Brewery

Captain Bob

A traditional deep amber coloured bitter brewed with Nelson Sauvin hop from New Zealand. The aroma is fruity and hoppy and on the palate; there is a slightly sweet maltiness that balances an easy going bitterness that is followed by hints of gooseberry, elderflower and grape in the finish.


Chestnut coloured ale with a rich and malty flavour and a sweet caramel aftertaste.

4.2% ABV
St Peters Brewery

Dartford Wobbler

A full-bodied russet brown premium bitter with a dark malt profile, fruit notes and a dry finish.

Devon Amber

An amber coloured classic best bitter from Devon. A bitter that punches above its weight. This easy drinking malt driven bitter has a dry, yet sweet aftertaste.

3.8% ABV
Salcombe Brewery

Electric Mountain

A copper coloured beer, using Pale and Crystal malts. Hopped with Czech and German hops for an up front bitterness, citrus notes and a refreshing finish.

3.8% ABV
Heavy Industry Brewing

Five Star IPA

A rich amber IPA brewed with 5 fruity American hops. Highly aromatic hop notes of orange and citrus rise above a velvety malt base to give a great rounded flavour.

5.5% ABV
Home Ales

Full Whack

The clue is in the name. A rich deep golden strong ale. The name is derived from the days when sailors from Merseyside would demand full rations. The high level of alcohol is complemented by increased bitterness and the fruity hop finish is derived from a combination of Fuggles, First Gold and Cascade hops. A real favourite.

6.0% ABV
Peerless Brewing Company

Funky Gibbon

A traditional light-copper coloured session ale. Funky Gibbon is infused with Willamette hops from the USA to create a fruity earthy beer which perfectly balances malt and hops.

4.1% ABV
Blue Monkey Brewery

Great Dane

A light golden premium cask lager brewed using Stonehenge Spring Water, barley and light crystal malts, whole lager hops and lager yeast. The beer is fermented and "lagered" at low, controlled temperatures. This is a top quality beer without any brewing adjuncts at all. The result is a clean, crisp and refreshing Real Premium Lager with a nice bitter aftertaste that lingers on.

4.6% ABV
Stonehenge Ales


Hopsmacked tasting notes have been consigned to the Dark Web somewhere. But all not lost as Nick B drank some at the Ostrich Inn in September and gave a 4 out of 5 rating comment: Nicely hoppy and floral in the mouth, lasting .... I needed to be his Friend to know more! Let us know your thoughts and we will tell the Brewery what their beer tastes like.

3.8% ABV
Hambleton Ales

Indian Summer

This IPA shines with citrus, grapefruit, floral aromas and refreshing hints of green herbs.

4.3% ABV
Box Steam Brewery

Krafty Kiwi

A fresh crisp summer ale, golden in colour with oats & wheat malts for a smooth palate. A complex hop flavour with zesty citrus notes and a herbal spicy finish. A real thirst quencher for these warm sunny days.

4.0% ABV
Brewsters Brewery


Mandarina is a bright golden ale brewed with fresh and dry orange peel. It has been brewed using the fruity and citrussy hop Mandarina Bavaria to give a distinct tangerina flavour, a floral aroma and a smooth subtle bitterness with a soft sweetish finish. Mandarina is one of our best selling beers, enjoyed by both men and women alike.

4.2% ABV
Green Jack Brewery


European pale, zesty lemon and blackcurrant flavours combine . Kazbek and Brewers Gold hops take the lead alongside a light pilsner malt backbone.

4.5% ABV
Green Duck Beer Company


A copper flavoursome ale, complex and fruity. Made from a combination of six malts, complimented with English Challenger and Bramling Cross hops to give a smooth fruity character and delicate blackcurrant aroma.

4.4% ABV
Elland Brewery


A premium strength tropical IPA. Malty, sweet and full-bodied but with moderate bitterness and intense hop aroma.

5.0% ABV
The Rat Brewery


Brewed in the style of a Belgian saison and has a soft malt character and spicy coriander and fruity orange flavours as a result of the Belgian yeast strain used.

5.0% ABV
Camerons Brewery

Prayers For Rain

Someone wanted a one-ff New England IPA so this is it. A different beast with less grains and more attenuation (meaning less residual sugars) although still obviously NEIPA in style. The ABV has been kept relatively moderate and the hops are not entirely your usual NE ones either, but since when did we read the rule book?

5.4% ABV
Hopcraft Brewing

Release The Chimps

An IPA for everyday drinking. A pale malt base gives a crisp mouthfeel that allows late addition and dry hops to come through with a punchy bitterness and a good deal of hop flavour in such a light beer.

4.4% ABV
Nene Valley Brewery

Russian Rare Bit

Dark & Sensual, Malty & Complex with an Intriguing twist of Chocolate, Coffee & Liquorice aromas, British Hops lend bittering qualities luxurious!

5.0% ABV
Fugglebunny Brewhouse

Sirius Dog Star

A complex blend of malts and american hops combine to produce this Smooth, fruity Red Ale.

4.4% ABV
The Wolf Brewery

Summa That

An Amber, modern English Ale with a herbal estery aroma and deep fruit flavours.

5.0% ABV
Branscombe Vale Brewery

Super Nova

Like marmalade made from Seville oranges and grapefruit, the aroma mimics the sweet start but gives into the hops which deliver a dry lingering bitter finish.

4.8% ABV
Black Hole Brewery

The Counts Squirrel

Hanging in theAbbey gallery is a portrait of Captain (Count)John Albert Bentinck at the age of 18, painted c1740. On his right arm he proudly carries a pet grey squirrel, sitting boldly upright and wearing a red collar. We would like to think the Counts squirrel would have thoroughly enjoyed this porter, infused with the classic hedgerow fruit, blackberries. This beer is refreshingly sharp from the fruit acidity to start, with a dry chocolatey finish.

4.8% ABV
Welbeck Abbey Brewery


Bakewell Tart

Fruity, Biscuity, Almondy & Delicious

4.0% ABV
Ditchling Common

Cheeky Pig

A medium-dry blended perry and cider, packed full of crisp refreshing flavour.

7.5% ABV
Lilleys Cider

Cock Bird

A clear cider with apple sweetness. Full apple flavour.

5.0% ABV
Cockeyed Cider Company

Crispin Crick

A whisky cask cider.

5.9% ABV
Harefields Craft Cider

Crooked Branch

Aromas of ripe toffee apples and a hint of cut grass. Gentle sweetness and a refreshing green apple tang to finish.

5.0% ABV
Once Upon A Tree

Mendip Hills

A medium cider, smooth and rounded flavour with complex, mellow notes.

6.4% ABV
Worleys Cider
Shepton Mallet

Muddy Scamp

A deliciously natural, bittersweet apple taste with a surprisingly smooth, fresh woodland aftertaste. Just as nature intended.

6.9% ABV
Purbeck Cider Company

Old Bristolian

A strong medium cider packed full of flavour

7.5% ABV
Broadoak Cider

Painted Lady

Made only from the juice of freshly pressed Worcestershire perry pears. It is medium sweet to taste and light and fruity with some pleasing citrus notes.

5.0% ABV
Barbourne Cider

Rhubarb and Custard

A sweet, easy drinking cider made with Rhubarb puree and real Vanilla extract. This modern twist on a classic, oozes with flavours and aromas making it easy to forget that apple is the main ingredient

4.0% ABV
Cornwall Cider Company

Ruby Tuesday

Imparted with British Raspberry Juice giving Ruby Tuesday a gorgeous colour and a wonderful taste of fresh raspberries. She has a lovely aroma of crushed raspberries that only real raspberry juice can create combined with notes of apples. More medium than sweet, this one has a little bite to it!

4.0% ABV
Celtic Marches
Bishops Frome


Slight sharpness with a good body.

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